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Non-Linear Crystals

Potassium Dideuterium Phosphate

KDP, KD*P (DKDP) Crystals

  • Deuterium Ratio > 98%

  • Curie Temperature: 222K

  • Extinction Ratio: 1:2000-10000

  • Non-linear coefficient: d36=0.40pm/v

  • Longitudinal half-wave voltage: 2.98-5.5KV

  • Free of scattering and stress lines

We produce a substantial supply to meet the needs of any customer.


Scintillation Crystals


CsI:TI (Cesium Iodide)


CsI(TI) is a traditional crystal used a s a key material in modern science and technology. Its application can be found in various airports, railway stations, customs, ports as well as oil field and geographic exploraion where detection is required.





Cadmium Tungstate (CdWO4 or CWO)

CdWO4 is an excellent scintillating crystal for X-Ray detection. Its high light output enables to make a compact detector module by coupling efficiently with the spectral response of silicon photodiodes. 


Calcium Fluoride 


CaF2 is an isometric mineral with a cubic habit with appropriate refractive index from vacuum ultraviolet 125.0 nm to infrared 12 µm. It is a chemically and physically stable crystal with excellent water-resistant. It can be used as a prism, lens, or window, also be used as a laser crystal or radiation detection crystal by doping it with the appropriate rare earth elements.




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